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  IASO Children\'s Hospital
  Monday & Thursday afternoon (5pm - 8pm)
 9 Gelonos Str. Lykabetus
 +30 210 64 37 774
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Paediatric surgeon
Paediatric urologist
Laparoscopic surgeon

Why paediatric surgery

J. Alex Haller, Jr., MD, The Johns Hopkins University Ann Surg. 2003 May; 237(5): 597–606.

I hope that the answer is clear: “because children are not little adults”. They have some unique problems that require very special surgical management. They also do not vote, so we have another critical role—to be their advocates for the best surgical care in the world. That remains today a daunting challenge.

Confidence and Dedication

in paediatric surgery

Salakos Christos

Paediatric surgeon/Paediatric urologist/Laparoscopic surgeon

Yvelise De Verney

Paediatric surgeon

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