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Sutureless Circumcision

The cyanoacrylate tissue glue Dermabond ®, also known as "glue", is used in children to close the surgical wound. It can safely replace stitches with shortening the operating time and ensure elastic and waterproof protection of the incision. Easy to apply and showing hemostatic and bacteriostatic properties, make it an ideal sealing product for circumcision in infancy.

We started using glue in circumcisions in 2000 and presented the first excellent results with 45 patients at the French Pediatric Surgery Conference in 2002 in Tours. Since then, we have been using it systematically with the same excellent results in a significant number of little patients.

The advantages over the classic method with surgical sutures are the shortening of the operation time and the excellent aesthetic result. In addition, covering the penile glans with the glue creates a protective layer and avoids the annoying friction with the underwear during the first postoperative days. When the healing is completed, the glue spontaneously peels off in 5-7 days.