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What is it?

The end of the urethra (tube connecting the bladder to the tip of the penis) is not developed properly and the urine can come out in the wrong place. The opening of the urethra (meatus) can be located at any point along the underside of the penis.

In most cases, the foreskin has a different appearance, showing excessive skin like a hood covering the upside of the glans. Also, a significant bend (chordee) in the downside of the penis can occur. The penis can't be straight, and this can affect self-esteem and sexual function in the future.

What is the treatment?

Unless very mild, hypospadias is usually corrected by surgery.

The circumcision must be avoided in babies with hypospadias because the skin of the foreskin can be used in the future reconstruction of the penis. The surgical correction should ideally be started between 6 and 12 months of age and to be finished before school age, to minimize psychological trauma and social. A good evaluation of the hypospadias type will determine the surgical planning for each case. You will need to discuss this with your child's surgeon. Many times, it happens that more than one operation is needed to achieve good functional and aesthetical results.

The hypospadias correction is a quite skilled procedure and local complications are common, but at the end the result is generally good.