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  Monday - Friday morning
  IASO Children\'s Hospital
  Monday & Thursday afternoon (5pm - 8pm)
 9 Gelonos Str. Lykabetus
 +30 210 64 37 774
 +30 6977 57 02 58


Congenital and neonatal diseases of the digestive, respiratory and urinary systems
Surgical diseases of the abdomen and chest in infants and children
Congenital and acquired diseases of the liver and bile ducts
Diagnosis and surgical treatment of neoplasms
Anorectal anomalies
Surgical conditions of the male/female external genitalia and genitourinary system
Surgical congenital cervical diseases (branchial cyst-fistula, diseases of the thyroid gland, thyroglossal cyst)
The whole range of diseases of children's urology
intraperitoneal and retroperitoneal soft tissue tumors